Well ladies and gents, the mister and I have been married for a year.  Say what? This year has been absolutely bonkers but boy have we had our fair share of yummy food.  Heck at the beginning of the year, we were living off of ramen and Olive Garden gift cards from our wedding, so whenever we get the chance to go out and eat (sometimes with coupons) we are super thankful.

We’ve passed by Buca a few times and I always said the name out loud with a minion-esque inflection and it always puts a smile on his face.  I’d done some research about anniversary perks and found that by joining their club you could get a free dessert on your anniversary! Done and done! *insert checkmark emoji here* AND I found out that by joining their club you also get a free small pasta (serves 2 to 3 people) so it was a super win!

For our appetizer, we ordered calamari, a favorite of ours.  It was nice, nothing fancy but it did come with this pretty tasty marinara sauce. Our entree is the lovely bowl of pasta pictured on the left.

We finished off the night with tiramisu and, as you can see, it was tiny. So tiny we had to get a box to take the rest home. Haha!

It was delicious and we’ll definitely be going back to use our free dessert coupon!


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