Corned beef grilled with melted Swiss, cabbage, tomato, and Russian dressing on pressed Jewish rye.

If any of you guys are ever in the Montrose area, stopping by the Black Cow Cafe is an ABSOLUTE MUST. This restaurant was actually one of the first ones my husband and I went to when we moved to Montrose and it was legit love at first bite.

I’m a huge fan of eating what locals eat and trusting the waiters with your order.  When the hubs and I went there for the first time, I asked the waiter what the most popular dish was and he asked me a few questions and told me he knew the perfect dish for me and BAM.  He came back with this crazy delicious chicken sandwich.  From that moment on, we were hooked.

This time around, our plan was to watch Rogue One (watch it guys!) and then get brunch there but we got there too late so enjoyed their lovely lunch menu instead.  The husband and I have been craving Reubens for a while and it most definitely hit the spot.


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